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Mission statement

To create a complete software development environment in which to practice eXtreme Programming (XP) or other Agile software development methodologies.

XP Studio is an open source project available for free download. Please use the links on the left to access XP Studio.


eXtreme Programming Markup Language (XPML)

The following artifacts that are specific to eXtreme Programming (and other agile methodologies) are defined in XML:

  • Releases (evolutions)
  • Iterations
  • User stories
  • Use cases
  • Teams
  • Metaphors

Eclipse plugins

Eclipse is the most comprehensive free IDE available, and its plugin architecture allows us to extend it with:

  • Agile Planning perspective
  • New wizard for releases, iterations, user stories and use cases
  • Development Plan view
  • Agile Planning Builder that reports problems in XPML files
  • (Planned) Add Agile Planning Nature to existing project
  • (Planned) Views and editors for user stories, iterations, releases, and teams
  • (Planned) View for the metaphor

Ant tasks

Ant provides the kind of build management one needs for automated continuous integration (CI), using CI software like CruiseControl. It's easily extensible by writing tasks, e.g.:

  • (Planned) Burn up/down charts
  • (Planned) Product backlog
  • (Planned) Progress
  • (Planned) Risk profile
  • (Planned) Estimate to complete
  • (Planned) Test coverage

Eclipse/Ant distro

Finding, downloading, and configuring all Eclipse plugins one needs can be a daunting task, so we now see some distros becoming available where all this grunt work has been done for users. We want to offer the same:

  • (Planned) One easy installation for both Eclipse, Ant, all of the above extensions, and some useful 3rd party extensions