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Getting started

May the Source be with you

Download the source, if you haven't already, from SourgeForge. You then see that the XP Studio project consists of several subprojects, each in its own directory.

We use Ant as our build system, so you should make yourself comfortable with that. A good introduction is in the Ant tutorial.


You are now ready to compile the project by issuing the following command: ant verify. This will compile the source, run the unit tests, package the source, and run the acceptance tests.

The above sequence of steps should produce a working system. If for whatever reason it does not, you can always ask for help on the xpstudio-devel mailing list.

And beyond...

Congratulations! You now have a compiled system. If you'd like to implement some feature or fix some bug, go right ahead. Make sure to adhere to the developer guidelines.